Re: Airbus P305

Date:         02 Sep 98 01:07:59 
From:         "Larry Sakurai" <>
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>If airbus can
>come up with an aircraft that matches the a300 or the a310
>in capacity/performance and beats it in terms of efficiency it could
>succeed in winning a large part of this niche market.This begs to ask
>the question what will boeing come up with?.An improved 767?

Don't be surprised if improvements come out of Boeing's 767-400 program
that'll apply to the smaller models.  The Boeing-MDC engineers (they teamed
up before the merger was announced) have added new raked wingtips for
the -400.  I believe that as a result, the -400 will actually have a shorter
wingspan than the -300, and it'll be able to use gates used by DC-10s,
MD-11s, and L-1011s.