Habsheim accident (was: Re: Airbus Safer?)

Date:         02 Sep 98 01:07:55 
From:         nul@TCSconcordia.tor250.$N0|SPAM$.org (Coridon Henshaw)
Organization: FW Firestorm
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> Nothing, however, says *why* they might have been swapped, if indeed they
> were.  It could have been to hide evidence of a US missle fired from off
> Long Island for all we know.  One can only wonder why they would have gone
> to the trouble if there was nothing to hide.  Note that this doesn't imply
> that Airbus was involved even if anything devious did occur.

The French government has a long history of using their security services to
'protect' French industry by stealing commercial secrets from non-French
companies.  It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for the French government to
swap a few flight recorders in the interests of protecting the French members
of Airbus Industrie.

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