Re: Habsheim accident (was: Re: Airbus Safer?)

Date:         02 Sep 98 01:07:52 
From:         "Frank Muenker" <>
Organization: Nacamar Group Plc.
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Karl Swartz schrieb in Nachricht ...
>A lot of stupid and careless things have been done.  The Aeroflot
>captain with his kids at the controls comes to mind.  I'm not sure
>I'd give "top" honors to Habsheim, though it was pretty boneheaded.

Hmm, true, but then it was at least runner-up to the Aeroflot incident.

>Completely untrue.  Quite the contrary, the captain has consistently
>said that the aircraft did *not* respond in accordance with his control

Hmm, well I appearantly goofed there. It's what I read in the newspaper 10
years ago, what might have been wrong or at least not detailed enough. I
just remember that it was a subject in the papers for a very long time.
Everything was very controversial and it never seemed to be really cleared
up. And since this shouldn't have been toooo difficult the rumors became
louder and louder that Airbus was trying to put all the blame onto the pilot
and was hiding something from the public.

Anyway, was it finally cleared up ?