Re: Habsheim accident

Date:         02 Sep 98 01:07:51 
From: (Ralf Sipple)
Organization: Sipple Aviation & Engineering
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> any actual problem. It's certainly not a secret that jets take time to spool
> up. That A320 was flying just off the ground, nose up, with neither potential
> nor kinetic energy. That's asking for trouble.

The pilot claims that Airbus' flight envelope protection prevented him from
"pulling" the plane sufficiently to clear the trees. Airbus says that the
flight envelope protection prevented the plane from entereing a stall which
had resulted in a more severe impact with more fatalities.
If you look at  a video of crash, you can see the A/C moving towards
the forest with a very low terrain closure rate.

My opinion is that whatever the management says ("Make it spectacular") and
the plane's performance and fancy systems are, a pilot has to take all that
in account and operate the plane accordingly. In this case he has deliberately
sacrificed safety for a cheap show.

Viele Gruesse,


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