Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:43 
From:         Scott Jacobson <>
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>So you assume that if the reverser of engine 1 or 4 on a quad would have
>failed, there would have been no crash. It seems possible and even logical,

>- has it ever occured in flight on a quad (not speaking of reversing #2 and
>3 on DC8s before touchdown)
>- has it ever been tested during flight test (I seriously doubt it ;)
>- can it be prooven math wise (torque of the engines applied to the
>centerline of the a/c)

C-5 at Ramstein (Sept 90) one Thrust Reverser kicked in just after
rotation.  I believe it was an outboard that went into reverse.  Aircraft
cartwheeled.  Total loss.  Some survivors in the troop compartment, none up