Re: spoilers used during take-off???

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:38 
From:         Jarimark Neumann <>
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Maria & Thomas Eidrup wrote:
> I flew with a modern verion of Boeing 737, Falcon Aviation, from Malmoe in
> Sweden to Athens the 29 of May. To my surprise I saw the spoilers go up
> during acceleration for take-off. As far as I know they should only be used
> during landing to destroy the lifting force. Therefore I was more than
> puzzled. The spoilers went in again some seconds before rotate. Is there
> anyone who can give me an eplanation to this. Was everything the way it
> should have been?

Yes it was!
On airliners usually the spoilers are used to increase the effect of the
ailerons when the slats and flaps are extended. Sitting in the Boeing
you weren't able to have a look on both wings simultaneously but if you
were, you would have seen that the spoilers of only one wing came up.
They came up in according to the aileron deflect the pilot gave. That
means: if the pilot pushes the stick (or turns his yoke) to the left,
the left aileron wil raise up and spoilers on the left wing too, and the
right one goes down. The aircraft will roll to the left.
Of course they aren't raised the same way up as to dump lift after