Re: spoilers used during take-off???

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:37 
From:         Chris Dahler <>
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> I flew with a modern verion of Boeing 737, Falcon Aviation, from Malmoe in
> Sweden to Athens the 29 of May. To my surprise I saw the spoilers go up
> during acceleration for take-off. As far as I know they should only be used
> during landing to destroy the lifting force. Therefore I was more than
> puzzled. The spoilers went in again some seconds before rotate. Is there
> anyone who can give me an eplanation to this. Was everything the way it
> should have been?

Everything was fine.  In addition to being used as brakes, spoilers are also
used to help the ailerons in a turn.  When the pilot displaces the control
wheel more than a preset amount to the right or the left, the spoilers begin
to rise in addition to the ailerons.  The pilot on your flight was more than
likely taking off in a crosswind, which necessitates some roll to counteract
the rudder inputs required to keep the aircraft on the centerline of the