Re: pre-Farnborough comments [long]

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:28 
From: (MechB747)
Organization: AOL
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>  The new plane requires 95K-lb thrust
>   engines.  The highest thrust GE90 currently in production is 92K.
>   Both GE and R-R have recently offered 95K engines (obviously to
>   fulfill BA's requirement).  BA worries that the EGT (exit gas
>   temperature) of the growth GE90 will be too high and may affect the
>   durability of the engine.  (This seems to be consistent with another
>   report that I have read citing GE is trying to lower the EGT by
>   around 30 degs.)

This seems kind of strange since GE was making a big deal of their all-new
design with more room to grow... saying it had been run to 125,000lbs in tests.
 If the CEO says no, I guess that's it. He knows what he's doing though... I
sure wouldn't buy GEs for a 777.
The GE90 sure looked good on paper!

Matt in Seattle