Re: pre-Farnborough comments [long]

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:27 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1998.1299@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
JF Mezei  <> wrote:
>Attributions from various posters.
>> >  A330-200/B767-400ER
>> > The longer-range, more current A330-200 is out-selling the B767-400ER by
>> > a two-to-one margin.  Other than Delta and Continental, Boeing has not
>> > been able to secure any other sizable orders.
>Is it fair to compare one sub-model of a plane with another submodel of
>another plane ?

Why not?  The have approximately the same capacity (~250) with the A330-200
has 900 nm range advantage over the B767-400ER.

>Wouldn't it be more representative to compare sales of A330 vs B767 ?

No.  The standard A330 seats 300 passengers (in three classes) while
the three models of the B767 seats about 180, 220, and 245 (in three

>What if Boeing had a huge order of 767-300, and just a few token orders
>of 767-400, the above comparison would leave out a big piece of
>information. Or is the 767-300 no longer orderable ?

Airlines have different needs.  That's why Boeing is offering four
different models of the B737NG and Airbus three modes of the A320 to
accommodate different needs.

>> The problem with the 764 is that is half a 767 (design wise) and half a 777
>> (cockpit wise).
>Can't the 767-400 adjust the layout of its cockpit to emulate that of a
>conventional 767 as is the case for the recent 737s ?

I think they actually do.  Check out a recent article on the B767-400ER
in Flight International.