Re: Airbus Safer?

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:19 
From:         Eberhard Lammich <>
Organization: Comp.Center (RUS), U of Stuttgart, FRG
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On 18 Aug 1998, Don Stauffer wrote:
> How about all those A320s that flew themselves into the ground with
> their FBW fancy autopilot?  Flight crew shouldn't have to have doctorate
> in computer science to enter go-around mode from approach mode.

Perhaps time is over for John Wayne with wings. The pilot is a  bus
driver with higher salary, that's all.
As long as autopilots are not designed by Microsoft ("Pull up, pull up!
Are you sure? -Yes- -No-") Airbus and Boeing aircraft (Yes, Boeing uses
computers, too!) will be quite safe.

Eberhard Lammich