Re: Boeing craziness (was Re: 767-400 "a different type"?)

Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:17 
From:         Colleen M Wabiszewski <>
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>Did I miss sth ?  So far there are only 50 firm orders from AirTran and
>5 from german leasing company Bavaria. The only other rumoured -- but
>not yet official -- customer is Debonair. Could you -- as you are an
>insider -- tell us more about the Pembroke order ?

A friend who works in marketing told me that money has changed hands,
but that was all she said.  Rumor has it the order will be the same as
Bavaria, 5 firm and 5 options.

>> Given that the 717 has not even entered flight test, I don't
>> think it strange that there aren't more orders yet

>The 737NG has some 700 ordres before it started flight tests, now this
>is strange ;)

Granted, however the 737 NG was a minor mod compared to the redesign
involved with the 717.  And perhaps the public perception that Boeing
was/is not committed to the airplane is contagious - the friend
mentioned above has also said that a number of airlines were interested,
but were witholding final judgment on the airplane until the company
showed positive interest in the future of the program.  The original
strain of the conversation was Boeing's supposed lack of interest in the
program, and it was this lack of interest which I was disputing.  Boeing
has no other aircraft to compete with the A319M5, and given the
company's fairly public aim of putting Airbus out of business (as they
did to us poor Douglas types, although admittedly our own management
played a significant part in that demise), they would market the 717 if
only to provide competition.