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Date:         25 Aug 98 00:53:16 
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In article <airliners.1998.1297@ohare.Chicago.COM>, marcmsc* wrote:
> It is rumoured that AI is proposing to SIA the P305 to replace their
> existing A310 fleet. This P305 should focus on short range widebody
> services. It will incorporate the RR Trent 500 engines of the A340NG,
> the FBW cockpit of the other buses and a new wing.

Despite being a perfect fit for the long-haul routes the a330-200
may be  a little too large and heavy for some domestic and
regional routes.A market might just exist for the p305.
For example Indian airlines might just be looking for such
an aircarft to replace it's venerable a300's.If airbus can
come up with an aircraft that matches the a300 or the a310
in capacity/performance and beats it in terms of efficiency it could
succeed in winning a large part of this niche market.This begs to ask
the question what will boeing come up with?.An improved 767?

Barath Narayan

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