Re: Converting speeds

Date:         24 Jan 98 02:53:19 
From:         "Rick Childs" <>
Organization: IBM.NET
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Marc Schaeffer wrote in message ...
>Sorry if this a very basic one.
>I'm looking for the formula to convert speed from Mach to mph.

While I am looking through my aerodynamics books for the formula I will say
that the conversion is not that basic.

To determine mach and/or airspeed you need to know several of the ambient
conditions.  Altitude, temperature, air density, air compressibility, are
all factors.  Also, there are different measurements of airspeed
(calibrated, true, indicated, etc.) and temperature (static, ram, etc.) as
read on the instruments.  I will try to post the formula for mach no. as
soon as I can dig through the books.