Re: 767-400 "a different type"?

Date:         23 Aug 98 14:34:10 
From:         Chris Dahler <>
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> >As far as I am aware, the aircraft will be the same type rating as the
> >757/767.  The problem for airlines will come mainly with the avionics, just
> >like the 737NG has the same type rating as the older 737's.  The -400 uses a
> >777-like cockpit, while the older 757/767 uses a mixture of EFIS and
> >round-dial instruments.
> Well folks, all the 757/767's I hve seen have EFIS and EICAS crt
> systems. They use an separate engine backup display as EICAS is only
> dual channel driven.

Yes, that's what I meant by a mixture of EFIS and round dial displays.  All
757/767 aircraft currently in production have an EFIS attitude indicator, an
EFIS HSI/Nav Display, and two tubes in the center acting as engine and systems
status displays.  The airspeed indicators, altimeters, vertical speed
indicators, and RMI's are still the round-dial instruments (essentially the
same as used in older model 727's and 737's) and are not EFIS tubes.

> The Boeing glossy I saw was short on facts about what was behind the
> side by side nav and pfd displays, the old system I suspect.

The side-by-side nav/pfd arrangement you saw for the 767-400 is the same
arrangement used in the 777 and the 737NG aircraft.  The displays can be
configured as either a 777-style mimic (with altimeter and airspeed tape
displays surrounding a large attitude display), or they can be configured to
mimic the old 757/767 style, with a round-dial presentation of the altimeter,
airspeed indicator, RMI, and vertical speed indicator on the screens.  This
display format will allow the preservation of the common type rating.

Chris Dahler