Re: Concord Climb rate "The truth"

Date:         23 Aug 98 14:34:07 
From: (Kai Rüffer)
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Tom Turton schrieb in Nachricht ...
>Mindy wrote:
>> Does anyone know what the rate of climb is for the Concord ? Is it
>> higher than subsonic airliners such as the 767 or the 757 .

I know it in detail, because I'm flying the  B757/767.
It's a matter of weight,thrustsetting, speed,temperature,altitude and so
When the aircraft's are almost empty and you select a high thrustsetting
they can easily catch up with a 20 year old fighter.
For the first 5000 feet they both have climrates over 6000fpm.
The B767 has a little better weight-thrust ratio the the B757.(empty)
The Concorde has app. 4000-5000fpm climerate during the initial climeout.