Re: Concord Climb rate ?

Date:         23 Aug 98 14:34:06 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>If KS was on one that could, off the bat,at altitude, find 3000 plus
>fpm then it must have been suffering an altitude blockage and was way
>to light for the altitude at which it was cruising.

An altitude blockage?!  That's a new one!  As for being too light, I
wasn't aware of any *minimum* weight regulations for airliners or any
other sort of aircraft.  This happened to be during climb -- probably
below 20,000' and well below cruise -- with a light load on a 337 mile
flight.  Of course the aircraft was well below the weight it would have
been at had it been taking a full load 2500+ miles against headwinds to

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