Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         23 Aug 98 14:33:58 
From:         Don Stauffer <>
Organization: honeywell
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James Matthew Weber wrote:
> In a light aircraft, this is a different story, but  the truth be know in a
> light aircraft, you are probably safer with 1 engine than with 2...
> I am reminded of a comment a friend made about the CAA in Australia. They
> used to require light twin pilots to demonstrate landing skills with engine
> out on a regular basis, until it was pointed out to them that far more
> pilots were getting killed being trained and practicing to deal with the
> problem, than the problem was causing...

I have heard many people claim that the statistics prove that more fatal
crashes result from an engine failure on a twin than an engine failure
on a single.  Does anyone know of a reliable reference for such a

Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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