Re: Boeing craziness (was Re: 767-400 "a different type"?)

Date:         23 Aug 98 14:33:55 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*>
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Colleen M Wabiszewski wrote:

> In addition, AirTran is not the only customer for the
> aircraft: Bavaria and Pembroke are also customers (albeit for smaller
> orders).

Did I miss sth ?  So far there are only 50 firm orders from AirTran and
5 from german leasing company Bavaria. The only other rumoured -- but
not yet official -- customer is Debonair. Could you -- as you are an
insider -- tell us more about the Pembroke order ?

> Given that the 717 has not even entered flight test, I don't
> think it strange that there aren't more orders yet

The 737NG has some 700 ordres before it started flight tests, now this
is strange ;)

Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
The AIRCRAFT ORDERS    website