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Date:         23 Aug 98 14:33:52 
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In article <airliners.1998.1256@ohare.Chicago.COM> Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:

>>BA will choose again the 777 even if they may change the engine supplier.

> Anybody have a conjecture on whether BA will pick the Trent or the
> PW4000 -- or decide to stick with the GE90 after all?

I went to one of the Farnborough sites <> and read
an article on this matter.  According to the report, R-R is ahead of
GE for two reasons:

1. In the upcoming B777 order, BA is supposed to cancel 10 RB.211-powered
   B747-400s.  Rolls will waive the cancellation penalty if BA chooses
   the Trent 800 for their new B777s.

2. BA is interested in the heavier gross weight B777-200ER which Boeing
   has recently started offering.  The new plane requires 95K-lb thrust
   engines.  The highest thrust GE90 currently in production is 92K.
   Both GE and R-R have recently offered 95K engines (obviously to
   fulfill BA's requirement).  BA worries that the EGT (exit gas
   temperature) of the growth GE90 will be too high and may affect the
   durability of the engine.  (This seems to be consistent with another
   report that I have read citing GE is trying to lower the EGT by
   around 30 degs.)

GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) has already bought some of BA's
B747s (and B777s, I'm not sure of the latter) and leased them back to
BA.  With a portfolio of more than 900 planes, it won't be too difficult
for GECAS to absorb 10 new B747-400s.  Hence, if GE wants the deal bad
enough, they will get it.  OTOH, the rumor that I heard when GE
withdrew the plan to develop 102K GE90 for the B777X was GE's CEO (Jack
Welch) said he would not spending a f****** cent on the GE90 when GE
Aircraft engines personnel presented the proposal to GE's board of

Anyway, BA is not expected to announce the engine selection at the
Farnborough Air Show.