Re: A340-500/600 and B777-200X/-300X

Date:         05 Jan 98 23:43:00 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> >- In the SQ config there were 200 seats, this is 92 seats less than for
> >the normal three class config for the 772. Less seats means less income,
> >and even if those remaining seats are more expensive you would have to
> >increase tickets-pricing by 50% to compensate. If the seats are too
> >expensive the loading factor would drop, giving you less income ...
> What makes you think the average ticket price would only be 50% higher,
> and that expensive seats would kill LF?

I just wanted to state that if you only have 200 seats (compared to 292)
you will have to sell them 46% higher to get the same revenue. The
missing revenue resulting from the reduced cargo volume is not yet

Your example is good and surprising at the same time. The C and Y fares
are the same if you take the direct flight or if you go via SFO.

For the same fare UA sells less seats (301 vs. 418) on the direct
flight. Are there more C seats in the 301 config, so that the missing
revenue from 117 Y passengers can be (at least partly) compensated ? Is
the loading factor on the direct flight higher and the income thus
increased ? Or is UA just making less money if their passengers fly
direct to HKG ? What about the cargo volume in both cases ?

Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg //
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