Re: Albino jumbo jets

Date:         19 Aug 98 16:01:25 
From:         "Josh Lutz" <>
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Andy wrote in message ...
>I've seen more than one all-white jumbo jets at LAX now (since I live
>a few miles from it), the latest sighting today as a 747-200 took off.
>Mighty quiet for such a big plane, too. So does anyone have any idea
>who these albinos belong to? I'm figuring our always open and
>forthright government.

One of them belongs to Atlas air, another one belongs to AIA (Kitty Hawk or
Kalitta which ever one you want to call it now) and there is another one
that I'm not sure of but it's just marked with the word CARGO at the front
and it's not US registered.
Hope this helps.