Re: Boeing craziness (was Re: 767-400 "a different type"?)

Date:         19 Aug 98 16:01:23 
From:         Colleen M Wabiszewski <>
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>>>The 717 could potentially be a blockbuster but they seem to be doing
>>>little to push it to airlines like Northwest, TWA, AA, and even US that
>>>could very potentially be interested in buying it.
>>How do you know they're doing little to push it?

>Some rumors indicate that Boeing is working hard on Northwest and just as
>many rumors say that the plane is doomed after the AirTran order is filled.
>And as much as Boeing wants the Long Beach floor space for the 737, I'm more
>inclined to the latter view (a shame becuase I really love the DC-9 family).

Rumors aside, the fact is that Boeing does have marketing
representatives at Northwest, TWA, Air Canada, Aloha, and some other
airlines.  In addition, AirTran is not the only customer for the
aircraft: Bavaria and Pembroke are also customers (albeit for smaller
orders).  Given that the 717 has not even entered flight test, I don't
think it strange that there aren't more orders yet (although I must
admit to being biased, after investing the last two years into this
airplane).  Regarding floor space, that is one thing that we have in
abundance here in Long Beach - the company has been looking to offload
extra space for more than a year now.  There is more than enough space
here to accommodate the desired production rates for the 717 and 737.

>The company's financial results speak for themselves. Rumors have been
>flying around that Ron Woodard's neck is under the axe for months despite
>Phil Condit's assertions that the company's problems are "no one's fault

The company line on this issue has been that we have a process problem,
not a people problem.  Personally, I think they are one and the same
issue - after all, it is people who implement the processes.  However,
we have also heard the rumors about management changes and have been
told repeatedly and vehemently that they are untrue.