Re: AF Triple Seven double Engine Trouble at Tenerife

Date:         19 Aug 98 00:57:49 
From:         Andrew Goldfinger <>
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In article <airliners.1998.1203@ohare.Chicago.COM> Gregory Travis, writes:
>Ten, fifteen minutes go by and nothing appears to be happening.  The F-15
>pilot radios: "Hey, I thought you were going to show me some tricks?!" to
>which the B-52 pilot replies "I've been doing just that!"  The F-15 pilot
>responds "What?  I didn't see anything!  What did you do?"  The B-52
>pilot >responds:
>"I shut down two engines."

Which reminds me of the call from a B-52 to ground control.

"I have lost and engine, and wish to declare an emergency!"

Ground controller:

"Ah, yes ... the dreaded 7 engine landing!"