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Date:         24 Jan 98 02:53:14 
From:         "Stefano P. Pagiola" <>
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> Anyone know of a book on the subject of Sud Aviation Caravelle?

I know of only two. One is by Alexandre Avrane, I think simply called
"Sud-Est Caravelle" (I don't have my copy handy). It's relatively dated,
since it was published ca 1980, but then again, the Caravelle was already
in the twilight of its career by then. It does include a very good
selection of photographs. A more recent book, published ca 1988, is John
Wegg's "Bluebirds". While this book is specifically on Finnair's
Caravelles, it also describes the development history in considerable
detail. Despite their age, I recommend both highly. Finding them may be a
problem, though. John Wegg occasionally digs up a few additional copies of
Bluebirds from forgotten places and sells them; check a recent copy of
Airways to see if there's an ad (generally a small boxed ad near the back).
Or try a used aviation book store. The Aviation Hobby Shop's Jet Airliner
Production List, Volume 2, includes a full production list for the
Caravelle (and all other non-Boeing jetliners built in the west since WW2).

Hope this helps.

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