Re: Smoky Gulfstream

Date:         19 Aug 98 00:57:27 
Organization: Verio Northern California's Usenet News Service
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Robert Carpenter <> typed:
>While recently plane-watch at DCA, I noticed a Gulfstream take off. It
>left a trail of soot that made even the oldest 727 look lily-white. I
>haven't seen such a trail for many years.  The Gulfstream was new enough
>to have winglets.

>I'm sure that I've seen much cleaner Gulfstreams. What was the problem?

Situation normal, for a G-II.  Noisy, too, but I'm not complaining.
Winglets?  I read an article in Professional Pilot
( that John Revolting ...
uh ... Travolta, got a winglet mod for his G-II.  $457K.

I'll take two.