Re: Albino jumbo jets

Date:         19 Aug 98 00:57:22 
From: (levelflight)
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On 18 Aug 98 01:04:41 , (Andy) wrote:
>I've seen more than one all-white jumbo jets at LAX now (since I live
>a few miles from it), the latest sighting today as a 747-200 took off.
>Mighty quiet for such a big plane, too. So does anyone have any idea
>who these albinos belong to? I'm figuring our always open and
>forthright government.

I couldnt even guess whose they were without knowing the registration
number (the "N" number, if its registered in the United States).
But I would guess that if its a 747-100 or -200 AND its being
flown by a U.S. operator, it is probably Tower Air. They have
a couple of -200s that are painted just white with a VERY small
decal on the fuselage that you can miss if you're far away from the