Re: Northwest's DC-10's

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:51 
From:         Spoon1 <>
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Baker wrote:

> Why not.  The DC-10's in Northwest's fleet can fly easily for another 15
> years with the proper maintainance.  The same goes for the DC-9's.  It is
> much more economical to refurbish those then buy new.

You are right , the DC-9 and DC-10's are very dependable aircraft. Still I
think that replaceing a ageing fleet is a good idea. I am glad they got some
A320's and 757's, to place in their short route catagory .  Even still can't
Northwest use the newer MD-90's
to replace their DC-9's . Their 727's are getting old .  I think northwest
needs another good long range plane like the767-300 or maybe 777 . The A340
is good two . According to my books it is the longest range passenger plane
in the world.