Re: Northwest's DC-10's

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:50 
From:         "Larry Sakurai" <>
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You know, American's taking another approach to bringing their 727s into
Stage III compliance:  wing modifications.  The modifications can be done at
a third of the cost and can be done in something like 48 hours.  Another big
plus:  no performance penalty compared to what hushkitted engines suffer.
The modifications involve the wing's high-lift devices (slats and flaps)
which would add a new flap setting on 727s that would allow takeoff and
landing at reduced power settings.

The company doing the modifications is the Raisbeck Commercial Group, and
they're looking into doing similar modifications for DC-9s.  Duganair is
also offerring a modification kit that involves no engine hushkitting.