Re: TWA 800 Graphics and Simulations indicate probable cause:

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:46 
From: (D.M.Procida)
Organization: Posted through the Joint Cardiff Computing Service, Wales, UK
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WSherr6080 <> wrote:
> Graphics of the debris field appearing in "Newsday" and the "Press
> Enterprise" newspapers, based on NTSB specifications of the FDR
> readouts; and the NTSB simulations of the accident, indicate an initial
> breakup prior to the explosion.  A streaming fire from the lower
> fuselage appears at the same time and 4 seconds later the explosion
> occurs and the forward 70 feet of the aircraft nose structure is severed
> from the fuselage.  This flame front is the probable ignition source for
> the center fuel tank.

I watched an episode of the Channel 4 (UK) programme "Black Box" devoted
to the TWA 800 disaster a couple of weeks ago. Most chilling of all the
chilling things it recounted was how the plane - it is believed - broke
up. The forward part of the fuselage was severed by the explosion, and
plummeted towards the earth. The remainder of the plane shot up like a
rocket, streaming flames. Its parabolic trajectory brought it to earth
only after a relatively long time minutes, if I remember correctly.
Those in the rear of the plane, like the wife and daughters of a man
interviewed for the programme, were in all probability aware of what was

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