Flying The Aussie Super Connie

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:38 
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There is an excellent seven page article with great colour pictures in
the June 1998 copy of the English magazine AEROPLANE MONTHLY.
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Although he is too modest to publicise it himself it has been written by
Captain Sandy Howard, a QANTAS  B747 Classic senior check and  training
Captain. We all know Sandy as a regular poster on the aus.aviation  news

The article describes the main features of his endorsement, circuit
training, engine out and normal approaches and other peculiar features
of engine operation, flying with hydraulic boost on and off and the
brute strength required on some occasions.

Sandy uses his unique dual endorsement to highlight to pilots with heavy
jet ratings the differences  in techniques required to accurately  fly
the two types. The difficulties operating  a big four engine prop verses
a big four engine jet make interesting reading.

For those interested in fact and figures, on boost, BMEP settings,
approach speeds, etc, the article will answer all your questions and
then some.

The magazine is available at all good newsagents in the Sydney area and
I thoroughly recommend it.

Posters use the above name for the thread as any broad classification
will be lost in the Deja archive. Witness what comes up when you
interrogate the archive for 707.

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