Re: Concord climb rate

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:37 
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Its not a question that can be readily answered in its present form.

The elapsed time from brakes release to level at cruise flight level would
give an indication of the average rate of climb and that could be compared ,
using the same parameters for the other types you are interested in.

Like every other type of aeroplane the concorde initial rate of climb
(depending on weight) would be very high initially and decreasing as it climbs
in the accelerating portion of the climb. (presuming standard atmosphere).
If it climbs to a ias/mach cross over then on attaining the climb mach and
holding that speed in the decelerating portion of the climb below the
tropopause, the rate initially increases again then decreases all the way to
cruise level. This is the theory but I have never flown a supersonic airliner
yet, perhaps there are some ex military pilots lurking who can explain, in
gerneral terms, how the climb to height is executed.

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