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Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:30 
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I have discussed this with several friends, all of us UA employees.  The
logical assumption we have come to is that the A319/320 aircraft were
purchased to replace some 727-200/737-300/500 and 757 aircraft on specific
routes (in addition to replacing aircraft pulled to make up the Shuttle

The Airbus aircraft are faster than the 737's, very fuel-efficient (much
moreso than the 727), and have a longer range than the 737's or 727's.
However they have less capacity than the 757, making them ideal to use in
markets where lower capacity is needed, or higher frequency (thus leading to
a lower demand for the increased capacity on the larger craft) is desired.
The A319 configuration is the same as the 737-300, while the A320 is almost
identical to the 727-200.

In addition, they are ideal for coast-to-coast flights as they have both the
range and the inflight amenities (i.e.: video/audio entertainment) lacking
on the 737/727 aircraft.

The A321 would not offer any great advantage over the 757 and it would be
cost-inefficient to replace aircraft already in the fleet (especially when
we have SOOOO many of them).  The 757 has all of the video/audio amenities,
is ETOPS qualified, has a decent range, and is fleet-compatible with the 767
aircraft, with more of the 767-300's coming online soon, thus allowing UA to
cross-utilize pilots on both types.  Although the same could be said of the
A321, UA already has the 757 and, if it ain't broke...

Also, in line with this, and in response to another post regarding
767-300's, I believe many of those will see service on domestic routes,
replacing the DC-10's and they slowly make their way over to FedEx.
Although initially UA stated that the 777-200 would replace the DC-10, it
will probably end up that the 767's will end up with more of this duty than
its' big sister.