Re: Commercial go-ahead for B744IGW

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:30:08 
From: (Robin Johnson)
Organization: Customer of Southern Internet Services
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Marc Schaeffer <> wrote:
>Boeing's board of directors has given its commercial airplane group the
>go-ahead to offer a new version of the 747-400 jumbo jet that could fly
>farther than conventional models. The heavier new model is sought by
>Qantas of Australia because it would allow the airline to stretch
>several of its main routes. [[ Which routes ?]]

LAX-SYD vv and SIN-LHR vv to increase payload, LAX-MEL vv to make
practical, for a start.

>The model is known as
>the 747-400IGW (increased gross weight). Qantas has asked Boeing to
>build three new jumbo jets to the increased weight specifications. If
>enough other carriers also order, the model could be delivered in late
>2000, Boeing officials said. (Copyright Seattle Times) END ITEM

Surprised it would take that long.  A very simple mod, I'd have thot.