Re: Airbus Safer?

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:25 
From:         "Galen L. Hinshaw" <>
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Darryl Morrison wrote in message ...
>It seems like Airbus Aircraft are alot safer than Boeing aircraft.  You
>don't hear of FAA reccomendations concering Airbus...
>What do you guys think?

Maybe you aren't aware that the A-320 doesn't have control cables and
therefore no manual reversion? And maybe you've never seen the film footage
of the A-320 reaching extreme attitudes as the pilot fights the computer for
control of the airplane. Or the airshow crash of an A-320 whose computers
would not allow the pilot to perfofm a go-around because the airplane was in
landing configuration. Or the A-320 that crashed in Russia...the computer
would not allow the pilot to increase altitude (a deviation from the preset
flight plan) in order to clear terrain.

The public does not hear about 99.9% of the the AD's and SB's issued on

Any more questions?