Re: Airbus Safer?

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:24 
From:         "Charles Litzkow" <>
Organization: Subscriber of Pacific Internet, Singapore
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Darryl Morrison wrote in message ...
>It seems like Airbus Aircraft are alot safer than Boeing aircraft.  You
>don't hear of FAA reccomendations concering Airbus...
>What do you guys think?

I disagree.  I've worked on Douglas(now Boeing), Boeing, and Airbus
aircraft as a line mechanic and heavy maintenance mechanic.  I believe
Boeing builds a much better aircraft.  As an avionics tech, I've
found that Airbus tends to over-complicate systems in the name of
progress.  For instance, Airbus built in a system called ALTU (Automatic
Light Testing Unit) which tests all the cockpit caution and
warning lights to the degree that improper resistance in one lamp will
cause a pause in the test to show that lamp needs to be changed.  Each light
assembly contains four lamps.  Can't the crew just press
test and see what's working?  Airbus has initiated a cockpit scheme
that essentially gives pilots a false security.  Allowing the plane to
scrutinize the aircraft rather than the pilot can lead to dangerous
scenarios when certain systems fail.
     In regards to safety, I believe Boeing has a better recorded
reliability rating than Airbus.  In fact, here in Asia more accidents
involving Airbus have occurred in the last eighteen months than have
Boeing.  Whether that was pilot related or aircraft related is still under
investigation in many cases.

     Opinion only.  Open to discussion.