Re: Airbus Safer?

Date:         18 Aug 98 01:04:23 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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Darryl Morrison wrote:
> It seems like Airbus Aircraft are alot safer than Boeing aircraft.  You
> don't hear of FAA reccomendations concering Airbus...

The A320 has had it more than fair share of problems back in the late

I think that your *impression* of Boeing getting more media coverage are
due to many causes:

	- the media is more aware of Boeing.

	- Boeing has some planes still in service which are quite old.
	  As such, they are "pionneers" and it is on those planes that
	  the FAA is first experiencing "aging" problems which require
	  some fixing.

	- Boeing also has some brand spanking new planes (777 and
	  737-NG) and those are bound to have a few bugs that need

	- By comparison, the Airbus products are more or less
	  adult/middle aged and have gone through their initial teething
	  problems but are not old enough to have "aging" problems yet.


	In the case of Boeing, AD's are quite simple. Boeing is a USA
	company, the FAA is a USA body. Most other countries will copy
	US-FAA directives and implement them in their own countries.
	Right ?

	What happens in the case of Airbus. Do the "initial" directives
	come from the FAA or from the Civil Aviation body in France or
	from whom ? Does the FAA then just implement them in its own
	jurisdiction or does it re-do the investigations/testing ?