Re: B777 Central Maintenance Computer?

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:58 
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"eagle 1" <> wrote:

>Does the B777 have a Central Maintenance Computer as an option for airlines
>to order, similar to the one installed on the B747-400?

Yes, but it runs as a software partition called the ACMF (Aircraft
Condition Monitoring Function) within the Honeywell AIMS (Airplane
Information Management System).

>If so, is there an upgrade in the system from the B747-400.

The 777 and the 747-400 have virtually nothing in common with regard
to the avionics. Several customers have asked Boeing to use the 777
cockpit/avionics on the next version of the 747, but so far, none have
been willing to pay the non-recurring engineering to actually move it.

Ken Jongsma