Re: Accidents caused by cigarette smoking

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:51 
From:         Stephan Stephany <>
Organization: INPE
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Peter Stanning wrote:
> The CAA were quoted in yesterdays Daily Telegraph as saying that no
> aircraft accident had ever been caused by cigarette smoking seem to
> remember a 707 crash in France caused by a fire in a toilet.This was
> some years ago now but I thought the fire was caused by a cigarette.

Fire started in a toilet of a VARIG's passenger 707 coming from Rio
de Janeiro (Brazil), in route to Paris, some minutes before the
scheduled landing (this was in 1973). The plane made an emergency
landing in a field and most of the passengers died due to smoke
inhalation. PIC, 1st officer and another crew member survived.
Later on this PIC died when the VARIG cargo 707 he was in charge
disappeared over the Pacific (1974, 1975?).

Hope this helps.


Dr. Stephan Stephany
LAC  - Computing and Applied Mathematics Laboratory
INPE - Brazilian Institute for Space Research