Re: AF Triple Seven double Engine Trouble at Tenerife

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:49 
From: (Gregory Travis)
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In article <airliners.1998.1085@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Chris Hall <> wrote:
>Thomas J. Bueld wrote:
>> For me it is for shure that the development of Mega size Engines will
>> become People Killer ...
>> How long will public kept in the dark about the risk in choosing such
>> aircrafts ? Any comment ?
>Thomas, IMHO the risk of simultaneous double engine failure on any twin jet
>aircraft is very unlikely. Most jet engines will keep running and generating
>thrust even with some considerable damage as long as fuel is being squirted

While not statistically important, I can think of two accidents involving
double-engine failure in twins as well as at least one non-accident in
a four-engine aircraft which might have been an accident if not for the
number of engines.  I can also write a rabidly runon sentence.

SAS at Stockholm in winter of 1991/92 - MD-80 I believe that lost both due
to ice ingestion off the upper wing surfce.  Not, necessarily a "two
engine issue" except that the particular config. of that two engine aircraft
favors engine contamination from the wing.

Southern Airways, 1969 or thereabouts.  Double engine failure from rain/hail
ingestion.  Would more engines have helped?  See below

<Forgotten airline> volcanic ash ingestion.  All four engines shut down
for a period.  Eventually got some or all (?) back on line.

I don't think there's ever been a double engine-shutdown on a twin jet
airliner where the shutdown causes weren't directly attributable to
external factors (i.e. no fuel, outside damage, etc.).

Reminds me of a joke:  An F-15 and a B-52 are flying formation.  F-15 pilot
radios the BUFF: "I can't believe you're flying that heap.  You wouldn't
believe the stuff I can do in this baby!"  To which the F-15 pilot begins
an impressive display of rolls, loops, etc.  The BUFF pilot responds: "That
is good.  However, this old gal has her own bag of tricks.  Want
to see?"  F-15 pilot replies in the affirmative and sits back to watch.

Ten, fifteen minutes go by and nothing appears to be happening.  The F-15
pilot radios: "Hey, I thought you were going to show me some tricks?!" to
which the B-52 pilot replies "I've been doing just that!"  The F-15 pilot
responds "What?  I didn't see anything!  What did you do?"  The B-52 pilot

"I shut down two engines."

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