Re: TU-154

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:47 
From:         Stuart Feigin <>
Organization: Oracle Corporation. Redwood Shores, CA
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Larry Sakurai wrote:
> You're not the first I've seen who says that the Soviet airliners (former,
> of course) are not a pleasant experience compared to their Western
> counterparts, and I'm curious about it.  What is it about the Tu-154 that's
> unpleasant?  Do the newer types, such as the Tu-204 or the IL-96M suffer
> from the same deficiencies?

It's been a while, but what I remember is that it is extraordinarily
cramped in every dimension.  I'm not very big, and I had trouble moving
my hands and arms.  The lighting, A/C, and overhead bins are not up to
modern standards.  Even the materials used for the seat, armrests, and
traytables seemed inferior.  There were no modern plastics.

The uncomfortable ride (I think it was China Eastern) may have been due
to pilot training.  I think his prior flights were in MIG's.

One nice thing about China Eastern was the flight attendents.  They do a
superb job with limited resources.