Re: New Navigation Device

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:45 
From:         "Richard Rea" <>
Organization: ArosNet Inc.
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Andrew Goldfinger wrote in message ...
> While sitting and waiting for my recent Frontier Airlines flight to
>complete boarding, I noticed the captain arriving.  He was carrying what
>looked like a large transparent blue earth globe.  He quickly entered the
>cockpit, leaving me to wonder what this new navigation device was.
> Later in flight, the flight attendent opened the cockpit door and I
>looked in.  The globe was actually a beach ball, and the captain had
>wedged it into the front window above the glare shield.  He was using it
>to keep the sun out of his eyes!

You should have referred him to Flying magazine.  Tom Block (Writes for
Flying, Flys for USAir) recently wrote about what he uses to alleviate this
problem.  The article was a few months back, but I don't have it in front of
me now.  It's interesting how you can spend millions of dollars trying to
get everything just right, and it still takes a two-dollar item to fix
something so annoying as not being able to block the sun from your eyes.