Re: 767-400 "a different type"?

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:44 
From:         Chris Dahler <>
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> AFAIK the 764 will get a switchable cockpit layout, either 763 or 777
> configuration. Just like on the 737NG, before you start the flight you
> have to choose a configuration.

Just as a point of information, the pilot has no direct control over the
display format.  This is defined by the airline and can be altered by
maintenance personnel, but the FAA would never allow the pilots to change the
fundamental way the information was presented to them on a whim.  For example,
on the 737NG at Southwest, the information is presented in a traditional
round-dial format (with a pictorial representation of a round altimeter,
vertical speed indicator, airspeed indicator, etc) rather than the more
advanced tape displays of the altitude and airspeed.  The pilots cannot switch
the display between one format or another.  Southwest's maintenance department
could switch the displays, but that would trigger training for the pilots and
most likely an FAA-mandated separate fleet type rather than the common fleet
they now have.