Re: UA A321 ?

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:43 
From:         Nate Vallier <>
Organization: Illinois Online Services Group
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Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> Following the recent UA order for A319 and A320, it is interesting to
> note that UA hasn't yet ordered the A321. The last order for B757 from
> UA was placed in '96. What's the strategy of UA in the B757/A321 market
> ? As I have seen no order for either plane, the management may be in
> doubt itself. The 321 could fly most -- but not all the -- routes the
> 757 is flying.

United has 100 757s... i seriously doubt they would consider getting rid
of them so soon, especially since their average age is like 3 or 4 years
old.  i think it would be the stupidest move United has ever made if
they get the A321.  Just my opinion.