Re: Another Airbus question RE Flaps

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:42 
From:         "Galen L. Hinshaw" <>
Organization: ISPNews
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Scott Macmillan wrote in message ...
>I notice that Airbus have assigned numbers to the stages of flap
>instead of the actual degree of flap being lowered as in Boeing aircraft
>Can someone tell me what degree of flap is lowered and what is the max
>IAS at each stage on an A320 please.

The flaps and slats are assigned position numbers. At position 0, flaps and
slats are fully retracted. At position 1, flaps are at 0 or 10 degrees (the
latter for takeoff) and slats are at 18 degrees; at position 2, flaps are 15
and slats are 22 degrees. At position 3, flaps are 20, slats 22. At FULL
position, flaps are 35 and slats27.

And incidentally, Boeing does not use degrees as position assignments...they
use "units". Douglas (or McDonnell-Douglas) uses degrees.

Galen Hinshaw