Re: Stage III definition

Date:         06 Aug 98 23:22:36 
From:         "Tarver Engineering" <>
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JF Mezei wrote in message ...
>The other day, I noticed a noisy plane overhead (I live 8.5 km from an
>I looked and low and behold it was an F28. (Canadian Airlines).
>It sounded just as "bad" as a DC-9 or 737-200.
>Will Stage III only affect planes with a certain weight, or is it an all
>encompassing regulation about noise ?

The FARs show no weight minimum for compliance.

>In other words, would it be possible to have, after STAGE III deadline,
>an ultralight aircraft that makes more noise than a 707 not outfitted
>with a hushkit ?

An Ultralight is prohibited from operating in controlled airspace; so this
should not be much of a problem.