Re: B747 @ FLL

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:30:04 
From:         Marc Hookerman <>
Organization: Netcom
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Laker flys FLL to various british destinations (london, glasgow, etc.).
They use DC-10-30's however.  Air Canada has been bringing 747-100's
into FLL various times.  I feel that the expansion is probably for the
allowance of simotanious heavy landings and takeoffs (VFR).  The runways
are too close to allow ILS landings at the sametime, kind of like STL.
Since the increase in FLL's cruise departures...many charters want to
bring bigger aircraft into FLL, and with two runways that allow heavy
landing and takeoffs is a nice benefit.  They are planning however to
move the FLL airport.  So this is probably for the time being.