Webcast of 757-300 first flight

Date:         06 Aug 98 11:26:17 
From:         "Bruce O'Neel" <beoneel@acm.org>
Organization: University of Geneva
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Auuughhh.  I missed this.  Did anyone catch it?

(from Infobeat)

Boeing flight to be Webcast

The inaugural flight of the Boeing 757-300 will be webcast live at
www.boeing.com. The flight is scheduled for 10 a.m. pacific,
Sunday, Aug. 2. "Our 757-300 customers, our suppliers, Boeing (BA)
employees, and airplane buffs everywhere will be able to watch as
it happens," said Margaret Nomi, deputy program manager of the
757-300 program. The 757-300, Boeing's newest twinjet and a
derivative of the 757-200, is designed to carry more passengers at
lower cost.

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