Re: 767-400 "a different type"?

Date:         06 Aug 98 11:26:08 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*>
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> Any comments? I knew the 767-400 was going to have an improved cockpit, but
> didn't realize the differences would be major enough that someone would
> considere it a different type.

AFAIK the 764 will get a switchable cockpit layout, either 763 or 777
configuration. Just like on the 737NG, before you start the flight you
have to choose a configuration.

> Do the cockpit differences mean pilots cannot
> be cross-rated with earlier 767s (and with 757s)?

If my information is correct it is full cross-rated, even if the display
is on LCDs.

> Conversely, can they be
> cross-rated with something else (747-400? 777?)

For sure not with the 744. But the 'new' layout of the 764 cockpit is
777 like.  Of course this covers only the displays the rest of the
cockpit is different.  Again these are informations I read -- sometime,
somewhere ;) -- so I might be wrong ...

> If this is the perception by major users, I can't see the -400 selling well.

Your perception is confirmed by the market. The A332 sold twice as well
as the B764. You may check my site for further
details on performance and orders of both ships.

Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
The AIRCRAFT ORDERS    website