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Date:         29 Jul 98 00:29:38 
From: (Darren Rhodes)
Organization: Daz Technology
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On 26 Jul 98 23:57:22 , "Christian Kuehnke"
<Christian.Kuehnke@arbi.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE> wrote:

>                       NTSB Identification: DCA98WA064
>                Scheduled 14 CFR 129 operation of AIR FRANCE
>                   Incident occurred JUL-01-98 at TENERIFE
>                    Aircraft: Boeing 777, registration:
>                                  Injuries:
>Paris, France, diverted into Tenerife, Portugal, because of an uncommanded
>engine shutdown. No other details known. This incident is being investigated
>by the French government.

This was reported in Flight International (15-21 July) - The Aircraft
was en-route from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Paris when 6 hours into the
flight the crew shut down an engine following an oil loss indication.
I guess it was on a single engine for some time as this must be mid
atlantic (anyone care to estimate this based on the great circle
route?). GE are quoted as suspecting a sump pump failure. Flight Intl.
noted that the French DGAC have since reduced the 180mins ETOPS
clearance to 120mins.

Related, I know BA has had at least one departure failure with a GE90
powered 777 where they closed a runway at heathrow to 'sweep' the
debris away (turbine blade failure). Flight Intl. has also reported
that BA will request tenders from all three 777 engine manufacturers
for its next 777 order. IMO it's unlikely that BA will switch
suppliers. It seems to be more of polite warning as they did this with
a 744 order recently but still stuck with RR.

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