Re: 1998 1st half order update

Date:         29 Jul 98 00:29:36 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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someone said:
> > One thing still puzzles me a lot is the A319/320/321 production rate.
> > Boeing got a lot of bad press because there

Boeing got a lot of bad press because it was unable to keep to its
delivery schedule promises which were perhaps too agressive considering
it was a much more "brand new" product than just another 737. Startup
production hiccups were seen as pneumonia by the media and a few
customers got/will get planes late at extra cost to Boeing.

Airbus meanwhile has had its models for some time now (that A320 for
almost 10 years), has had the time to work out the production (and
product) defects, has a good grip on how many and how fast it can build

I'd speculate that Boeing's orders are fairly new, whereas Airbus' are
perhaps older. There hasn't been much time for Boeing customers to
cancel orders for whatever reasons, whereas, I'd say that some Airbus
customers have cancelled/delayed orders, and that gives Airbus room to
play with its delivery schedules.